Friday, February 14, 2014

Robin Rice

The Kiernan Gallery is pleased to have Robin Rice as juror for our upcoming exhibition, Expressions: Contemporary Photography. Robin is the Owner and Director of Robin Rice Gallery in New York City, as well as a photographer. I had the privilege of asking a few questions about her work on both sides of the art world.

As director of the Robin Rice Gallery in New York City, you have worked with many different artists and collectors. What is your approach for finding the right piece of art for a specific collector?
I ask a lot of questions, especially about them personally and what they have already. If I can, I watch their reactions in our back room respond to the images. That is even better.

As Owner of Robin Rice Gallery, you must receive many portfolio submissions. What is it that you look for when contacted by artists looking for representation?  

I look for imagery that fits in to my aesthetic that we don't carry already. Maybe once every two years I find that. 

What is your pet peeve when an artist contacts you looking for representation?

When they show up at the door with portfolio. OR say they are here from another country and I should make the time to see their work. If they follow the policy on the website, we will get to it eventually.  

You must look at the work of emerging and mid-career artists constantly. How do you think that will impact your approach as a juror?
I am a very fast good editor. As a photographer I have been looking at images all my life even before I opened the gallery. 

How has your experience as a curator affected you as an artist?
It has made me much better curator of my own work and the works of other. 

Your work has a cinematic quality to it. What role does cinema play in your work and who are your influences?
It relates to my past life when I was living in Italy and that has a great influence in the way I see things. Also using film always helps! 

How did black and white come to be your medium of choice and how much pre-planning is involved the making of a photograph?
Usually when I travel and I am inspired, but my camera has a mind of its own. And its own heartbeat. 

The deadline to submit work for Expressions: Contemporary Photography is February 21. Visit for more information.

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