Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christy Karpinski

The gallery is pleased to have Christy Karpinski as juror for our upcoming exhibition, Voyages. Christy is the founder and publisher of F-Stop Magazine as well as an active photographer and educator.
As the founder of F-Stop Magazine, you see a lot of work. How does this color your experience as a juror? How does it affect your own work?
I think because of the way F-Stop is set up, with a group exhibition in each issue, it is somewhat similar in ways to being a juror for a group exhibition - choosing individual images to be a part of a group exhibition that speaks to the theme for the show.
F-Stop Magazine is one of the most influential photography publications around. What was the motivation for starting the online publication?
I was motivated to start F-Stop by my own desire to see more fine art photography online. I started the magazine back in the fall of 2003. Most of the photography magazines online at the time were more focused on commercial work or equipment and how to type content and there were not a lot of fine art photographers with websites that were easy to find. I wanted to see fine art photography projects and share work I liked with people. 

How have your experiences as an educator and publisher influenced you as an artist? 
I think primarily I would say I have come to understand better the importance of being able to talk about my work. I still believe that photography is visual communication and it should be able to communicate on its own, but it can also be rather vague at times. I don't think work always needs to talked about, but I think it broadens your audience and helps you clarify ideas etc.
You are a professor at Columbia College Chicago and Evanston Arts Center. How does teaching inspire your work and vice versa? 
Teaching and making my own work at the same time continually inspires me to try to look at things with fresh eyes and to stay open to possibilities.

The idea of Voyage has many meanings and will attract many different kinds of work. How do you think you will approach this topic?
I think it is a great theme, very open to interpretation. I usually like to hold the theme in my mind as I look at work and think about how the images speak to that theme and see how they relate to each other as an overall group. I don't have a preconceived idea of what "Voyage" should look like at all so I am excited to see the work that is submitted and let it as a whole guide me. 
Finally, we ask this of all our artists, what does success in art mean to you? 
To me success in art means finding an audience for the work, connecting to people through the work and communicating ideas through the work. There is nothing I love more than when someone relates to a photograph or a project of mine, and it's even more awesome when they get out of it something similar to what it is about for me. 

The deadline to submit to Voyages is October 24. Visit KiernanGallery.com for more information.

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