Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eye on the Street Winners: Justine Knight

Juror’s Choice winner Justine Knight has always loved photography, favoring works by noted street photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier. Her admiration for their work and genre led her to begin exploring her own artistic abilities. A few years ago Knight became more invested in her photography and it is only in the last year that she has begun to explore the world of street photography.

Juror's Choice, Memorial

Photographing on the street forces the photographer to make sense out of chaos, often in an urban environment. With elements of documentary, landscape, and portraiture rolled into one, Knight finds that, “Street photography for me is about challenging myself to make an interesting image out of an uncontrollable scene. I am drawn to the energy and life of the city streets.”


Knight’s photographs incorporate strong graphic elements: harsh diagonals, textures, and line. Using them to add a foundation and narrative to her images, Knight often pairs these striking visuals with a single human figure. Attracted to shapes, shadows, lines, and textures, Knight heads approaches street photography in search of the environment first, waiting and watching for the moment of perfect interplay between the people and their surroundings.

Many people think of street photography as the grainy black and white photographs from the 1950’s. Some might think of Joel Meyerowitz’s groundbreaking color work from the ‘70’s. Over the years, street photography has become increasingly popular due to the accessibility of both cameras and ability to view work online from around the world. Knight believes that, “the genre of street photography has broadened both its audience and definition. This brings new perspectives on the art but there is also the downside of those on the street being more aware of photographers all around them.” Knight has crafted compelling images of subjects unaware that they are being photographed. In the process, she has honed her craft and learned to trust her own decisions and abilities. “For myself, as someone who just started on my photography journey, I would define success as gaining confidence in my own artistic vision.”

Opera House

Eye on the Street is on view through September 28, 2013. To view more work from the exhibition, visit

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