Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abstraction Winners: Boris Kotlyar

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Juror’s Choice winner Boris Kotlyar finds inspiration from his surroundings. “I draw inspiration from everything. From life, books, movies, music, other photos and paintings. The ideas come to me in the most unusual moments – on the road, on vacation.”


When that inspiration hits, Kotlyar is always ready to act on it, to make an image, to work, and to create. “I think the spontaneous works are better because they represent pure inspiration without thinking.” While there are times that he plans and prepares, his modus operandi is more spontaneous. “I don’t calculate everything to the smallest detail, I like it when my works feature an element of carelessness – it imbues them with vitality, they stop being plastic and ‘perfect’.”



Abstraction is a genre that lends itself to unplanned images. Using a variety of image making tools—traditional cameras, pinhole, scanners, and camera phones— the spontaneity of the image occurs not just in Kotlyar’s choice of subject matter and presentation, but in how that particular tool records it. Scannography images such as Juror's Choice image, Flower Explosion exemplify Kotlyar’s interest in the unexpected.

Flower Explosion
It is perhaps this quest for the unexpected that dictates Kotlyar’s choice to keep his artwork away from the realm of commercial photography. “I don’t aim for commercial photography. I’m doing it primarily for myself.” This is reflected in his idea of success, which he defines feels is achieved when his work inspires others to create their own art.


Abstraction is on view through April 27, 2013.

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