Friday, January 4, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy New Year! We at The Kiernan Gallery would like to kick off 2013 by answering some frequently asked questions. Most things have stayed the same, but we no longer take commission from sold pieces. This information is now permanently available on our website as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Get to Know Your Artists?
If you exhibit with The Kiernan Gallery, we have been on your website (if you have one), read your bio and artist statements, and viewed your other work. This allows us to engage gallery patrons in discussions about the works they are viewing and the artists who created them. We familiarize ourselves with the processes used as well as the artists’ background and accomplishments in order to create connections between patrons and artists and to increase sales. We also use our Facebook page to highlight awards won by past exhibitors.

Who are Your Jurors?
All of our jurors are well respected in their fields. Jurors who are professional photographers have had books published and are major award winners. Many of them also teach. Jurors who are curators, gallerists, and/or editors are highly respected in the photographic community, are sought after portfolio reviewers, and have reputable galleries or publications.

Do You Do Solo Exhibitions?
Yes. Three times per year we hold calls for a Featured Artist to show solo in the second room of the gallery. This work is often non-photographic, which broadens the gallery’s reach. We also use the second room for solo exhibitions to show complete bodies of work by photographers whom we have worked with in the past.

Can I Alter My Submission?
Yes. We log all submissions manually. Once you have submitted, you may make additions or changes to your submission up until the deadline by emailing us.

Do You Photograph the Exhibition?
Yes. At the close of every exhibition we email each artist photographs of the gallery as a whole and their individual piece. This allows an artist to see the show if they couldn’t attend, and to have installation photos for their records. Having images of the framed pieces allows us to show buyers who have seen the work online what the framed pieces look like.

What Does The Gallery Look Like?
The Kiernan Gallery is located in a historic building in downtown Lexington, Virginia. It is two rooms totaling 2000 square feet, with original heart pine floors and an exposed brick wall. We have been featured in South By Southeast Magazine for our beautiful space.

Do You Produce Exhibition Catalogues?
Yes. All exhibitions have a corresponding full color catalogue that is available for purchase in the gallery, from Blurb directly, and from our web bookstore.

Do You Offer Awards and Prizes?
Yes. Although we cannot provide cash prizes, a Juror’s Choice and Director’s Choice Winners are announced. They each receive a free copy of the exhibition catalogue and are featured on our blog.

Are Entries Anonymous?
Yes. Each artist is assigned a number in place of their name when their work is submitted to the juror (e.g., 001-Title). For our alternative process exhibitions, the juror is also provided with the size and process of the work.

Why Should I Read Your Blog?
Our blog features interviews with jurors to provide insight to their tastes and their own work or roles within the photographic community. We also feature Juror’s and Director’s Choice Winners as well as post about issues relevant to emerging photographers.

Do You Take a Commission?
No, but no commission does not mean we have no incentive to sell your work. The Kiernan Gallery was founded by an emerging artist, and recognizes the importance of selling work. Nonetheless, we believe that if artists are paying a submission fee, the gallery should not also take a portion of the sale. We do reserve the right to negotiate 20% in order to make a sale. When your piece sells, we send you a receipt of the sale.

Do You Provide Printing and Framing?
Yes. For an additional charge, we offer custom framing with a professional framer in town. Owner/Director Kat Kiernan personally prints the work and discusses the framing needs of each piece with the framer. We do not use ready-made frames because they are not considered professional and are not able to accommodate all camera aspect ratios. Custom framing presents the image as the artist intended, uses archival materials, and guarantees attention to detail.

What Happens if I Don’t Want My Piece Returned to Me?
If your piece has not sold at the conclusion of the show, you have the choice to either have it returned to you or to donate it to the gallery. If donated, the piece is hung in our back room. In the past, we have shown interested patrons our donated collection. We continue to try to negotiate a sale for these pieces, which may differ from the original list price. In the event that a donated piece sells, we send the artist the full balance. Artists may also request that their piece be destroyed at the conclusion of the show.

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