Thursday, January 17, 2013

Encore: A Look at Music Winner Gregory DeLucia

Director’s Choice winner Gregory DeLucia found his love of photography while studying abroad in Rome as an international business major. In between the stress of classes, he found that he could appreciate the beauty of Italy in his own way with his camera in hand. “Photography seemed to be a way for me to center myself and put myself at peace.” Returning home, DeLucia took the time to learn more about his camera and the art of photography itself. As well as a means of meditation for him, it also became one of his passions.

But passions can sometimes get derailed by jobs, relationships, and children, and DeLucia found himself too busy to make time for photography. “I had let ‘life’ pull me away from one of my passions and had certain events take place that reminded me that life is precious and inspired me to pick a camera back up.” In the 10-year interim, DeLucia says that his style, his eye for images didn’t change much. “The equipment that I used is what changed the most. I purchased a DSLR and it gave more capabilities than my previous camera.” So he started to work on his landscape photography again and decided to try his hand at concert photography.

Delucia has always been a music lover. For him, it naturally made sense to combine his two passions. Nonetheless, he found concert photography challenging: The lighting is poor and constantly changing, his subjects were in motion, and flash is often prohibited. Furthermore, DeLucia found that he was generally only allowed to photograph the first two or three songs. Nonetheless, these challenges pushed him to be a better photographer.

His diligence has paid off. His photographic handiwork is evident in his winning image, The Wiz, of rapper Wiz Khalifa. He is well on his way to fulfilling his own definition of success:

"Success to me is about happiness and growth in my craft.  I want to push myself to become better at what I do.  If I can show growth to myself, then I consider that success.  Art is very subjective and therefore I try not to equate my success to what others think of my work.  What one eye finds appealing, another may not.  Maturation, growth, knowledge and happiness are all keys to what I measure my success against.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have your work admired, appreciated, and given awards, but that is not what I draw on as my basis of success."

Encore: A Look at Music is on view through January 26, 2013.

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