Monday, January 14, 2013

Encore: A Look at Music winner: Corinne Ryan

Growing up in the suburbs, Juror’s Choice winner for Encore: A Look at Music Corinne Ryan was initially anxious about her move to urban Philadelphia to attend Drexel University. Once resettled however, she found a deep appreciation for the city and its people, drawing new inspiration for her photography. “This new life has helped me to be more adventurous with my work and has allowed me to meet and photograph a variety of fascinating people that I would never have come into contact with in the suburbs.” Upon graduation she chose to continue living in Philly as an emerging artist.

Ryan states that she owes her love of photography to a fascination with memory and a fear of forgetting. She has used her talent to document her life and her surroundings, growing more invigorated due to her change of scenery.

“I picked up a camera because I felt like I needed a way to remember all of the places that I went and all of the people that walked in and out of my life. This fear of forgetting turned into a passion for capturing the personalities of the people in my life.”

One of the best ways to view Ryan’s quest to document and remember is through her portraiture. When taking portraits, she attempts to create an intimate connection with her subjects that can then be captured by the camera.  Through this interaction, the subject can choose what they expose to Ryan and her camera: “Some people reveal more and some people reveal less and how I work can dictate how much or how little they show. The end result is a successful photograph that encompasses who the person is.”

Ryan’s other passion in life is music. As with photography, she is both an enthusiast and a practitioner. She uses music to inform her photography. “As a musician I have been able to feel the thrill and passion of performing. I try to use my own experiences to access those emotions and capture them with the artists that I photograph.” This is clear from looking at her portfolio of musical images, most notably in photographs like her winning image, Meredith Bell.

Juror's Choice image, Meredith Bell

By following her passions, Ryan is taking positive steps to accomplishing her goals and making a documentary out of the people and places in her life. “Success is creating work that impacts yourself and others in the ways that you hoped it would as well as in ways that you could never have predicted.”

Encore: A Look at Music is on view through January 26, 2013.

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