Thursday, May 31, 2012

Between Dusk and Dawn Winners (pt II)


            The first thing many people might notice when seeing Victor Lopez’s Director's Choice award image Unknown is its similarity with the famous painting used as the original cover of The Great Gatsby. Lopez didn’t realize how similar his photograph is to the book’s cover until a passing mention caused him to look it up. Regardless of this coincidence, Lopez says his true motivation is to create unique and striking images; to capture the world in such a way that no simple point-and-shoot or cell phone camera can.

            Night photography has always been especially appealing to Lopez:The night and darkness brings a whole different mood, such as mystery, unknowing, and a sense of fear of the darkness itself.” Observing the world at night reveals a different landscape. “When I took this picture something caught my attention; something that only happens when you look at the world in a whole different way. I found a new respect for the night and hoped I wouldn’t let it down while shooting it.”

            While Unknown was not originally intended to be part of a larger series, Lopez saw its potential to be a part of a larger project, which he is currently working on.

 Loneliness, a sense of fear, not knowing what lays behind the city lights, would be one of many tones this series would have; its meaning would be open to interpretation, everyone has their own way of seeing the world and maybe some of those ways could be captured through my images.
Between Dusk and Dawn: Night Photography is currently on view at The Kiernan Gallery through June 2, 2012.

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