Thursday, March 15, 2012

iSpy: Camera Phone Photography Winners (pt. II)

Samantha Fielding
Director’s Choice

            Samantha Fielding’s fascination with visual imagery as a child prompted her to pursue photography as a career. Serving as an assistant to many celebrated portrait and fashion photographers, she has developed a striking aesthetic of her own.

                                                                    Director's Choice Army Girl

            A self-proclaimed “traditionalist”, Samantha admits that she was slower than most to get on board with the digital aspects of modern photography. As she is “not the world’s best” at post-processing in Photoshop, the easy-to-use photo manipulation apps for the iPhone quickly changed her outlook on digital photo editing. Her favorite apps at the moment are Fotoforge2, Photostudio, iDarkroom, and Pro HDR. With these she creates art that she could have previously only imagined; things that she “was not savvy enough to do” in Photoshop. 

               In addition to the abundance of photo editing apps, the main draw of camera phones is their accessibility. How often are we without our cell phones these days? As she says herself, it’s “always in my hand!” Even though her regular camera is always with her too, its bulky size and shape make it much more difficult to grab at a moment’s notice.

            Her winning image, Test of a 50’s Army Girl is an image from a carefully planned shoot. Like many portrait and fashion photographers, Samantha uses a traditional camera in her professional work, but she has found a use for her iPhone in this context as well: to show models, “what the final image might look like.” And with a whole editing studio at her fingertips, these test shots can be transformed into fantastic images in their own right. While portraits are generally edited to accentuate the model or the fashion on display, the images on Samantha’s iPhone can be manipulated into different worlds entirely. 

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